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We embrace change and follow the agile way of doing things. We all know that software truly isn't written once.

“Companies might do the same thing, they can’t do it anymore in the same way”

Nicolai Krüger and Frank Teuteberg

With our knowledge and expertise, we help you define where you want to go and we guide you in the right direction.We get to know the finer points of your organization’s needs and goals, then conceive of and implement new business models and initiatives that help you meet them at digital speeds. Using our collective experience in digital transformation consulting, we design intuitive and attractive interfaces that streamline the customer’s experience of your brand.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t about becoming more efficient. It’s not about digitizing your processes so you can save money and increase the bottom line. Those are 20th-century ideas. They are still valid goals, of course. Managing costs and increasing efficiency are always good objectives. It’s just that they won’t prevent disruption, and they’re not what digital transformation is about.

“Digital is now imposing a shift – and often a complete rethinking – in the fundamental way we work in nearly every industry, including our core business models. Unfortunately, traditional organizations have been built around legacy 20th century models of business, in which the majority of their market momentum and inherent know-how lies.”- Dion Hinchcliffe

Digital transformation enables companies to
disrupt markets
Digital transformation enables companies to disrupt markets

Digital technologies — including social media, the cloud, data analytics and mobile — are rapidly emerging as disruptive forces for businesses across all industries, from retailers and banks through to carmakers and energy companies. They are fundamentally changing the ways in which consumers interact with these companies, while also opening up new business models at the heart of these firms.

We believe that Digital Transformation (or DX) offers an opportunity for strong, long-term growth through new business models, new revenue streams, and ultimately more satisfied and engaged customers. Companies that truly transform themselves through digital technology will become the new leaders, the “built to last” organizations of the future.

Digital transformation enables companies to
disrupt markets
Experienced IT Consultants For Digital Transformation project

The success of a Digital Transformation initiative is significantly based on the change management approach taken by an organization and its consultants.The quality of IT consultants has an huge impact on the success of a Digital Transformation project.Getting more precise, we believe that today’s challenge is not only technical but also social, organizational and cultural.At XeonTek, our IT consultants have a diverse skillset, especially in the competence field of change management.

Empowering People

Building modern applications takes a new skillset and advanced next-generation web and mobile engineering capabilities.We gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you.We offer training courses on every level: for the users and case workers to the technical managers. That is the only way to get everyone on board: practical, hands-on, forward.

Our Training courses are a updated on a regular basis with the latest developments and trends.Let our experts guide you whether you are looking for Javascript technologies (Angular,React), Python(Django) or C# our experts can help you learn it quickly from the fundamentals to the most advanced.

Custom Training for your needs

Custom on-site versions of these course offerings are also available to teams.All our trainers have direct experience of practice and are able to ensure focused learning outcomes; bringing theory into practice.Our ultimate goal is to offer flexible, practical solutions that build the capabilities of your team. From workshops to bootcamps, you’ll get the most current and relevant content tailored to you.If you have any questions, please email