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Business challenges are numerous. We simplify the business and development processes with the power of Blockchain. Want to know more? Keep reading...

Blockchain Innovation

We work with blockchain for transparency, performance and resilience across our apps.

Smart Contracts
Smart Contract Design (Dapps)

We research and design self executing smart contracts based on Ethereum, EOS and QTUM.

Cloud Infrastructure
Global Infrastructure Build

We build modern, cloud based web apps for the fintech / real-estate industry verticals.

Pinghoo Blockchain app
What is Pinghoo?

A platform to connect humans together using Blockchain.

While there’s no doubt that the search engine market is mostly dominated by 3 big players Google, Bing and Yahoo in the last 20 years, the domain itself has not evolved much since the early 2000s.

Pinghoo is what we refer to as a human curated search engine. The main objective is to facilitate users to have their say in to what search results are returned back to their queries rather than being dictated by computers and bots.

Proof of ranking/voting being a key element for change and research, allows the business to expand the search platform to a much wider and more trustworthy user base.

Movehoot app
What is Movehoot?

A smart, simple yet
effective way to rent properties.

Face it, many of us have to rent or relocate at least 2 to 3 times in our lives. But, the question is how simple should that process be?

Movehoot aims to reduce friction between parties and reduce dependencies on estate agents.

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